Wednesday, February 06, 2008

almost a year

hello it's almost a year .....damn 30 coming up. but i decide to age with grace and sweaty hands. how is everybody? my little brother is coming out with a book he has been trying to write for some time now and it looks to be paying off updates will come later. two books i am reading are tender warrior by stu weber and the four seasons of marriage by capman. me and gina go to a couple connection at the church were she works. we are leading the first two chapters of the four seasons book hen someone else will take the next chapters and so forth. fatherhood-----wow jaliel has stared the two stage early about 6 months early. it is a lot of fun watching him during the 18 months that we have had him 17 really. anyway he has been teaching me a great deal of humility and patience which i did not have before. it's amazing what God uses to teach those who are willing to learn. my day stared when my son showed up one night. up side baby is home down side what the hell do i do now! but i managed along side the most wonderful woman in the world. and here we are. well thats all for now .