Sunday, July 24, 2005


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Height: 6’1"
Weight: 300
MESSAGES: (408) 482-2702
The Best Laid Plans
Jack Covenant Players
Died: October 20 th Peter Covenant Players
(Dramatic comedy) Devil
Love is where the home is Paul Covenant Players
Oleas The Oblivious Oleas Covenant Players
The Search Person A Covenant Players
The Found Person A Covenant Players
The Waiting Room Dan Covenant Players
Transit Gloria Rob Covenant Players
Anybody know the way Lee Covenant Players
You eat what you think Stanley Covenant Players
---Plus over 100 roles and over 300 performances with the Covenant Players
4 Years of Covenant Players Covenant College
Improv with Comedy Sports
Stand-up Comedy: Bass Guitar: Karaoke: Improv: Boxing: Fencing: Bowling: Ice
Skating: Driving Manual Transmission: Swimming

Film Resume
The Gift
Written and Directed by: Chris Callanan
Part Played: Micheal (Main Role)
The Roster and the Crowbar
Written and Directed by: Chuck
Part Played: Joe (burglar)
Transfer Ticket
Written and Directed by Ben Yehuda
Part Played: Bum
Sometimes Everybody Dies
Written and Directed by: Joe Bittner
Part Played: Sam (Security Guard)
The Master Plan
Written and Directed by: Matt Vanderzee
Part Played: Security Guard
The Office
Written and Directed By: Eva
Part Played: Boyfriend
Glazed and Confused
Written and Directed by: Michael Cerda
Part Played: Security Guard
American Hooker
Written By: David
Directed By: Uri
Part Played: Detective
Yuki Yasuhara
Duo Creative Communications
Reenactment of Santa Rosa Pie Incident
Part Played: CEO of Tax Office