Thursday, August 17, 2006


(Sorry spellcheck in not working)Here are some notes for this event. -pray session, laying on hands- time, hospility, justice opening up your home.- the shit doesn't ends unitl Jesus comes back.(tshirt)- passion, drama in chuch.- have a clear goal.- dirt not as not, mary douglas.- matter out of place.- place something so clean nothing can live there.- Jesus touches dirt in society!- you will find God in the dirty palce.- Jesus on the cross is the dirtyes palce.- who is dirt in the church?- invite trickers to challge you.- met were people are.- redefinf social boundries.- just spread the message.- love with action.- remove the scales from my eyes.- believe the right way, not in the right things.- build a church on trickers.- using dark light to see.- drunk with wine or with the Sprit.- you came across needy.- nution, body temple, salad, spinich, oranic, whole, local, living.- winter food, hard to dijest, summer food raw.- 80% full 20% emty.- networking.- God is among 2 or more gather in His name.- Live in the world with Jesus.- Bring playing cards and ballon animals.- we fell Jesus came to redmeem us our lives are working out thast rememtion.- secular and spitriual there is noi divie.- chrisitnay killing people polite.- God is in control we are just mamanger.- Jesus, sex, drama.-


Anonymous Rob said...

nice comments almost a poem.

7:46 PM  

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