Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jaliel B-day

Hello son,

Happy B-day Jaliel. wow one year ago you came into our home. i was nervous. you came me and yoyr mom were so excited. You stayed with a foster parent for one month before we got you. That was the longest month in my life. I am so happy that you are in our lives. when you came home i was able to hold you in my hand now a year later it take s both are to hold you. You have learned so much sense then. learned how to crall, say mike in sgin languge, almost feed yourselg. so big is one of the saying that you caught very qukily. we would lift our hands up and say " so big" and you would lift your hands and smile. waqtchin you simle is one of the best feeling in the world. God has made so big chnges sens you've come and i am a better person because of it. I thank God for you and pray for you always. I love you my son.




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